St Johns is one of the leading names in the First Aid and Medical Supplies Sector. A fast growing and expanding company with an operational reach across various cities in India and abroad .We established in 2007 by Mr. Murali Sundaramoorty in collaboration with Mr. K.R. Prabhu. Mr. Murali Sundaramoorty is a business graduate with a background in the pharmaceuticals & the First Aid industry, while Mr. K.R. Prabhu is a self taught strong business man from humble beginnings.We design, customize and manufacture components & product solutions. Over the years, we have managed to provide our consumers with the finest quality products time and again.

Our fully equipped manufacturing facility is located in the Indian port city of Chennai. This puts us on the national and global playing field through well connected railways, roadways, sea routes and air routes.Our ability to partner and co-innovate with businesses alongside their transformation journey has helped us to foray into new sectors and markets.

LATEST Products

  • First Aid...

    box containing...

    Rs.1350.00  Rs.900.00/1

    VIEW SAVE 33.33%

  • Metal Box...

    118 items in a...

    Rs.2600.00  Rs.2200.00/1

    VIEW SAVE 15.38%

  • Plastic...

    Small plastic...

    Rs.1550.00  Rs.1000.00/1

    VIEW SAVE 35.48%

  • Body Bags

    Body bags for...

    Rs.1000.00  Rs.750.00/1

    VIEW SAVE 25.00%

  • Soft...

    for carrying...

    Rs.1000.00  Rs.750.00/1

    VIEW SAVE 25.00%


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