HMD founded in 1957 and formally inaugurated on 4th Jan. 1959 was created to serve the medical profession with affordable ,world class medical devices. It was the very first Technical Collaboration between a Japanese Corporation and an Indian MSME to produce glass syringes.

HMD started with manufacturing of Glass Syringes in the year 1959 and subsequently added other products such as Surgical Blades in 1971 , Single Use Syringes in 1986, Single use needle in 1987, Cannula manufacturing in 1989, Scalpvein Infusion Sets in 1991, I.V Cannulas in 1992 , Auto Disable Syringes in 2001 , Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes in 2007, Blood Collection Needles in 2008 and safety I.V Cannulas in 2014 to it’s product range.

HMD is the first company in the world to launch a comprehensive range of sizes of Auto Disable Syringes for curative segment, in the world.
Dispovan Syringes

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